Blackhorse Tower

Blackhorse Tower, London Borough of Enfield

Concilio was appointed to manage the community and political engagement for the Blackhorse Tower and Holbrook & Churchwood Houses development in Enfield.

The proposals included partial demolition and refurbishment of Blackhorse Tower including the construction of an additional floor (10 storeys total) to provide 88 residential units. In total the development provided 164 residential units (including 54 affordable units); 2,492 sqm of flexible uses; a 645 bed hotel; and a new NHS GP Centre.

Whilst the local community accepted the site had been under-used and welcomed the potential economic development there were concerns over the height of the tower and the impact on local services.

The communications strategy was based around:

  • Ensuring community consultation take place as early as possible and promoting the development’s inclusion of new NHS GP Centre to assuage residents’ concerns about the perceived impact on local services (achieved July 2016)

  • Achieving planning permission for up to 164 residential units and an increase in height to the Blackhorse tower (achieved February 2017)

  • Throughout the process Concilio managed all aspects of community and political engagement, ensuring considerable engagement with residents, Ward Councillors and local amenity societies.