Waterbeach New Town, Waterbeach,
South Cambridgeshire Council

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Concilio Consult

Concilio has been working with RLW Estates for close to five years on the proposals for up to 4,500 new homes and a relocated train station at the Village of Waterbeach, three miles north of Cambridge.

Now allocated in the Local Plan, the land controlled by RLW Estates is green fields to the east of the former RAF Waterbeach, which was disposed of by the MOD to Urban and Civic. The Local Plan supports development at both the former Barracks and the RLW controlled land.

Whilst the release of the brownfield land has been broadly supported, many residents of the existing village and some Councillors have been less supportive of the plans for development on the green fields.

The communications strategy has been based around:

  • Securing the allocation in the Local Plan (achieved, September 2018)
  • Getting planning permission to relocate the existing Village train station one mile north to land controlled by RLW Estates (achieved, October 2018)
  • Achieving planning permission for up to 4,500 homes (January 2021)

The activity has involved considerable engagement with residents of the existing Village, the Parish Council, Ward Councillors, the Leadership of South Cambs (and Cambs) Council, the Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and the MP for South East Cambridgeshire.

This engagement, via a number of exhibitions and briefing meetings, has helped master planners LDA Design understand the concerns and hopes of the local community and politicians with respect to separation from the existing village, vehicular access, phasing of delivery, cycle routes to Cambridge and what the relocated station must provide.

Continued engagement is taking place, with regular briefings taking place for neighbouring parish councils, exhibitions in Waterbeach and meetings with the Mayor.

Concilio have been working with us for several years on many projects including a new town outside Cambridge. Throughout they have combined a proactive and professional approach with good spirit and great results. It remains a privilege to have them on the team.

Chris Goldsmith
Managing Director, RLW Estates