Concilio Connects: Your Say

Bespoke digital engagement tools.
Concilio offers a full suite of digital community engagement services designed to put people at the heart of the consultation process. A combination of video conferencing with stakeholders, mailings, freephone contact numbers, social media advertising and our bespoke Your Say websites featuring online exhibition boards and interactive surveys ensures robust, transparent and comprehensive consultation can be conducted remotely. Below are some of the services available in the Concilio Connects toolbox.

<strong>Your Say</strong>
Your Say

Using our bespoke Your Say websites, we create clear, easy to navigate, smooth consultation websites enabling you to explain your proposals to the wider public. The websites feature digital exhibition boards, key messages, frequently asked questions, information about the project team and contact details.

<strong>Interactive Surveys</strong>
Interactive Surveys

Featured on the Your Say websites are bespoke interactive surveys allowing users to have their say on range of subjects to shape and influence proposals. Surveys are designed to be as engaging as possible working across all platforms and devices.

<strong>Virtual Stakeholder Meetings</strong>
Virtual Stakeholder Meetings

Using a range of video conferencing software, we organise digital meetings with all stakeholders ensuring politicians, community representatives and residents’ groups are fully consulted remotely.

<strong>Exhibition <br />

While physical exhibitions have their place, Concilio have embraced the use of virtual webinars. Following a presentation from a project team, Concilio will organise a moderated Q&A to take questions on the proposals with the video uploaded to the Your Say website afterwards.

<strong>Targeted Social <br />
Media Adverts</strong>
Targeted Social
Media Adverts

Depending on the proposal, Concilio create and place engaging social media adverts to a targeted local area advertising the consultation to the local community. Meaning a wide audience of people are reached who otherwise might not attend traditional consultation events.

<strong>Posted Materials <br />
& Freephone Details </strong>
Posted Materials
& Freephone Details

Community Engagement should always be inclusive, and this means even if you are unable to access the internet you should be able to have your say. We provide freephone contact details with a direct line to our team, who organise posted copies of materials, queries and feedback to be delivered meaning nobody is left out of the process.