Concilio hosts breakfast for the Leader of Enfield Council and Executive Director Place

It was a packed house at RICS this morning as Concilio hosted a breakfast for the Leader of Enfield Council, Cllr Nesil Caliskan and Sarah Cary, Executive Director Place.

Both Nesil and Sarah gave a positive vision about the future of the Borough, with regeneration and economic development seen as key to delivering the social outcomes that the Council wants.

It is clear that escalating housing supply is a key priority. The ambition to create a fairer, more equal borough means more affordable housing is needed and the upcoming Local Plan – released soon – will set out some very ambitious targets.

The Council clearly recognises that the issue of Strategic Industrial Land needs to be resolved if those targets are to be met and many will be looking forward to see how the Plan tackles this. It is clear the Council is looking to work closely with the industry for some innovative solutions to this challenge that many outer London boroughs face given the GLA’s position on SIL release.

There was also encouraging comments on the need for thriving town centres, the move towards an evening economy (something Enfield is lacking) and of course a positive update on Meridian Water. The first phase of the latter is going to be released through the GLA Framework in a couple of weeks.

We as a business have never seen an event proverbially ‘sell out’ quicker before. There is an incredible level of interest in the development opportunities for Enfield and we look forward to seeing a number of ambitious plans come forward.