Concilio’s engagement work praised by Planning Committee

Working alongside Savills and Barr Gazetta, Concilio helped to secure planning permission at Westminster City Council on Tuesday night for a development scheme comprising a complete city block bounded by Drury Lane, Dryden Street, Arne Street and Shelton Street, Covent Garden.

The site has had a contentious planning history with a demolition led residential application being approved in April 2016 despite local opposition and an application being refused in July 2017 for a demolition led office development. This time around the applicant took a conservation led approach, whilst still proposing an uplift of 2,570 sqm GIA, and held considerable, early consultation.

The consultation work undertaken was acknowledged by the community and Planning Committee members.

The local amenity societies said:

“We would wish to record our appreciation to the applicant and their professional team for engaging positively with the organisations during the consultation period and in the preparation and submission of the scheme amendments”

Planning Chairman Cllr Mohindra summed up by saying:

“…for me this is the mark of a great applicant that has engaged with the community”.