Enfield Council launches Local Plan consultation

A meeting of Enfield’s Local Plan Cabinet Sub-Committee last night agreed that the draft Enfield Local Plan – available here – can now go out for a 12-week public consultation, alongside a ‘Call for Sites’.

The new draft Plan for Enfield covers the period up to 2036 and reflects the borough’s need to deliver for an increasing population and employment opportunities needed over the next 15 years.

The Council’s housing target has increased from the 768 per annum required in the London Plan 2011 to 1,876 dwellings in the current Mayor’s draft London Plan. The Government’s objectively assessed need for housing in Enfield is 3,500 homes per year. Enfield’s population is projected to rise to 380,000 in 2036 and the local authority recognises that a radical approach is required to meet its new targets and challenge its thinking beyond any plan they’ve produced before.

In order to meet these ambitious targets, the Council recognises the constraints of the borough’s land classifications. Over 400ha of the borough is industrial land, 326ha classed as Strategic Industrial Land (SIL), and 37% of the borough – 3,000ha – is classed as Green Belt.

The authority aims to exhaust all reasonable opportunities on available land – including brownfield sites – but will welcome innovative solutions to utilise SIL for housing delivery and will have a planned and sustainable approach to the review of Green Belt boundaries. Existing settlements within the Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land will act as hubs for sustainable growth.

Transport links are essential to the Council’s vision for housing delivery and place-making. Enfield’s twenty-two train and tube stations have been identified as housing intensification zones in the Local Plan. The Council believes that these zones, particularly along the eastern corridor of the borough which will bring Crossrail 2, are best placed to accommodate redevelopment.

The Council will direct new development opportunities into its well-connected town centres together with a relaxation of retail policies to help them thrive in the rapidly changing economy.

In delivering these homes, the borough retains its new borough wide target of 50% affordable housing for new developments with a minimum of 35%. There is an expectation for the delivery of high-quality affordable housing on these sites and also across the borough.

The emerging plan recognises the need to find innovative solutions to deliver new housing in a growing borough. Intensification around transport hubs and residential in the town centres is a welcome step. The emergence of Crossrail 2 and the borough’s growing recognition will invite more opportunities for development.

The draft Local Plan will now go out for its first stage of consultation for 12 weeks until it returns to the authority for consideration. Enfield Council aims to submit the Plan for examination by the inspectorate in 2020.