Discussing the Housing Crisis in London with Joanne Drew and Jamie Carswell, Co-Chairs of the London Housing Directors’ Group 

Concilio’s Managing Director Nick Dines sits down with the Co-Chairs of the London Housing Directors’ Group, Joanne Drew, Strategic Director for Housing and Regeneration at Enfield Council and Jamie Carswell, Director of Housing and Safer Communities at the Royal Borough of Greenwich. 

The three discuss: 

  • What the Housing Crisis actually means with respect to the impact on Londoners 
  • What the drop off in private rented accommodation means for the London boroughs and how they manage the temporary accommodation challenge 
  • The human reality of families having to live in B&B’s – 1,550 across London and that 63,418 children are now in Temporary Accommodation
  • The wish list they have for solutions that could be implemented 


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