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Concilio offers a range of services in support of the property, planning, regeneration, transport, and infrastructure sectors. We do this through three core service offers: Concilio Consult, Concilio Connect and Concilio Create. All our services are underpinned by the knowledge of our expert team, who take an intelligence-led, creative approach to strategic communications.


Concilio Consult is our public affairs pre-planning political and community engagement service. Intelligence-led and strategically focussed our team have developed consultation and engagement strategies for some of the most high-profile developments and masterplans in the country. We understand the political and community landscape you are operating in and provide expert advice to navigate the planning process to get results.
  • Planning Engagement, Consultation and Communications

    We understand the ‘politics of planning’ and that projects can often be controversial. Only with effective community engagement and public consultation can issues be resolved. Each application is unique and our team of experts develop bespoke consultation and communications strategies, navigating the ever changing political and community dynamics to ensure successful consultation for planning permissions.

  • Local Plan Consultation & Strategic Land Promotion

    Strategic land promotion is a growing part of Concilio’s offer. We recognise that each site needs a bespoke approach and a long-term plan to engage with key stakeholders and the public over a number of years. Our team understands the process of land promotion and create narratives, communication techniques and engagement strategies based on effective research and local intelligence. We also provide consultation support for the development of neighbourhood and local plans.

  • Post-Construction Community Engagement

    Community and stakeholder engagement shouldn’t stop once planning permissions are approved. During construction it is more important than ever to keep communities, decision makers and people informed with the process. Our team currently run Community Liaison Groups for high-profile developments in London, ensuring the local community are engaged in the project from planning through to construction and beyond.

  • Public Affairs and Campaigns

    Reputation is everything, we work in partnership with clients to enhance and protect that reputation. Our team have strong relationships with decision makers and stakeholders from across the community and political spectrum. Through market research, political research, campaign formulation, stakeholder audits and insights we ensure clients have the tools they need to position for success.


Waterbeach New Town, Waterbeach
South Cambridgeshire Council


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Concilio Connect includes our industry leading suite of bespoke digital engagement tools and audience research services. Over the past year our collection of digital engagement tools has continued to expand, with the team developing bespoke digital engagement strategies to reach wide audiences. Post Covid-19 we believe having a digital communication strategy will be integral to successful engagement.
  • Bespoke Digital Consultation

    While traditional methods of communication remain important, engaging with the wider community and residents who are unlikely to attend traditional consultation events is vital. We have now undertaken fully digital consultations on a number of schemes providing a range of interactive digital services. A combination of video conferencing with stakeholders, webinars, traditional mailings, social media advertising and our bespoke Your Say websites featuring online exhibitions and interactive surveys ensures robust, transparent, and comprehensive consultation can be conducted remotely.

  • Audience Segmentation

    Knowing who you are trying to reach and by which method is critical. Concilio specialises in using the best methods to reach the right target audience. This might be focus groups, outreach with individual communities and the correct platforms that enable us to reach different age groups. Whoever the audience we know how to connect.

  • Your Say Bespoke Consultation Websites

    Using our bespoke Your Say websites, we create clear, easy to navigate, smooth consultation websites enabling you to explain your proposals to the wider public. The websites feature digital exhibition boards, key messages, frequently asked questions, information about the project team and contact details.

  • Interactive Surveys

    Featured on the Your Say websites are bespoke interactive surveys allowing users to have their say on range of subjects to shape and influence proposals. Surveys are designed to be as engaging as possible working across all platforms and devices.

  • Virtual Stakeholder Meetings

    Using a range of video conferencing software, we organise digital meetings with all stakeholders ensuring politicians, community representatives and residents’ groups are fully consulted remotely.

  • Webinars & Virtual Workshops

    While physical exhibitions have their place, Concilio have embraced the use of virtual webinars and workshops. With the use of interactive whiteboards, Q&As and presentations these events can reach audiences who otherwise wouldn’t attend traditional events.

  • Social Media Strategy

    We create bespoke social media strategies ensuring we are reaching the right audience, with the right message. By using a range of social media networks, we reach those who otherwise might not attend traditional consultation events.


Paddington Green Police Station
City of Westminster


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Concilio Create is our cutting-edge in-house print and digital design studio, led by our Head of Design Irene Requena. From concept to delivery, we understand the values our clients are seeking to communicate, alongside the message, ensuring this runs through everything that we produce. Our team create brand identities, print and digital collateral design, site hoardings, flyers, bespoke web-design and development, animations, and editorial design.


Brand Identity

Bespoke Website Design

Front End Web Development

Print and Digital Collateral Design

Site Hoardings

Video Animations


Editorial Design

Developing a masterplan for 3100+ new homes

Former Stamping Plant
London Borough of Barking & Dagenham

Developing a masterplan for 3100+ new homes

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