Concilio's Purpose is to deliver successful outcomes for our clients in a manner that is founded in honesty, partnership and respect

The Value structure that enables the Concilio team to deliver on our purpose

Commitment to equality and opportunity

Zero tolerance of discrimination

Diversity in all forms embraced: ethnicity, gender, nationality and thought

Culture of openness: only by hearing all voices can we grow together as a team and deliver for our clients

Intern programme where we seek to ensure opportunity is given to those who do not have the same opportunity as others

Internal promotion programme: we actively seek to give opportunity to our team members, growing together as individuals and as a team. We believe growing and supporting our own

Open feedback support: no-one should ever feel that their voices are unheard

Embracing flexible working post-Covid. Recognition that one size approach does not work for individuals and their requirements

Understand and support for unexpected days off. We all face unexpected challenges in life, and we will support you as a team

Commitment to maternity package, with paid leave and tailor-made re-joining programme

Financial support for childcare

Commitment to a healthy workplace, with mental health support available for everyone

Paid leave for those undertaking fertility treatment or who have lost a pregnancy

Provision of flexibility and support

Environment for individual growth within a supportive team

Tailor-made training programmes. We recognise your individuality is what makes you special, and will offer you career growth based on what you require to help you meet your goals

Active support for those new to an office environment. We want to embrace all talent, and recognise that individual support and understanding maybe needed

Clarity on requirements: Objectives and Key Results made clear, with full support and encouragement given to deliver. We believe the success of the individual ensures the growth of the team

Real team ethos, with regular staff lunches and events that are designed to ensure all feel welcome to take part and enjoy