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Concilio Chair Planning London datahub launch
Webinar Invitation Launch of Planning London datahub

The Mayor of London is launching the Planning London Datahub on Monday 15th March which will provide free access to planning data across the capital. Concilio is delighted to invite you to a webinar with the Mayor’s team to discuss its launch on Thursday 18th March, 9am – 10am.

The Planning London Datahub will enable planning authorities in London and the public to access real-time information and data about planning proposals. Having comprehensive and accessible data about planning and development across the capital will provide new insight into the future of our cities.

Peter Kemp (Head of Change and Delivery at the GLA) will provide a full demonstration about how to access the Planning London Datahub and showcase what new data will be available. This will be followed by a discussion by an expert panel about how the new Datahub can affect the future of planning and development.

Speakers include: DATE: 18 March 2021 TIME: 9am – 10am

Hosted in association with:

Nick Dines, Managing Director at Concilio (Chair)
Peter Kemp, Head of Change and Delivery at the GLA
Michael Meadows, Head of Planning at British Land
Robyn Prince, Director at Boyer Planning