Concilio sponsored Homes for London document launched

Fabians and Concilio combine to launch new policy document with ideas for potential Labour Government
Concilio was delighted to launch the Homes for London pamphlet in partnership with the Fabian Society Local Government and Housing Member Policy Group.
The outcome-oriented collection outlines 23 bold new ideas for an incoming Labour government to end London’s housing crisis.
Concilio’s Siddo Dwyer (Account Director) was joined by key figures from across the worlds of housing and local government for a packed event, with editors of the pamphlet Adam Allnut and Chair of the Member Policy Group Chris Worrall that both worked to compile the document.
Speakers ranged from across London Labour. The lively speeches covered a variety of topics, with suggestions ranging from a government-funded London House Building Programme to the introduction of New Zealand-style “Citizens’ Panels” and utilising London’s “golf belt” to optimise housing delivery.
Particular highlights include:
  • Cllr Anthony Okereke (Leader of LB Greenwich) and Cllr Darren Rodwell (Leader of LB Barking and Dagenham) discussed homebuilding challenges and achievements in their boroughs under Labour administrations
  • Cllr Chrishni Reshekaron, (Shadow Cabinet Member for Homes, LB Croydon) spoke about Labour’s blueprint to unlocking housebuilding in Croydon
  • Parliamentary researcher and former Tower Hamlets Labour Councillor Eve McQuillan highlighted the importance of the night-time economy to create areas genuinely worth living in
Concilio’s Siddo Dwyer ended with hopes that the ideas outlined in Homes for London would help to catalyse a housing boom under a future incoming Labour government.
The launch forms part of an ongoing series of Concilio events and insights which explore the future of planning and homebuilding under a potential Labour government. You can read the full report here: