Planning permission granted for Peabody in Dagenham
3,502 homes approved for Peabody by the Barking and Dagenham Planning Committee

Concilio was appointed in in 2021 to provide Peabody with communication support for their proposed development at the former Stamping Plant site in Dagenham.

Over a 12 month period Concilio’s work encompassed a wide range of communication activities that included:

• A comprehensive consultation website which received thousands of views
• Extensive social media ads
• Political a stakeholder meetings
• Two pop-up consultation events on Broad Street and Heathway, engaging with hundreds of local residents
• A door-knocking exercise to hear directly from the local community
• Hoarding design to promote the consultation
• A children’s art competition held with neighbouring Marsh Green Primary School

Outline planning consent was granted unanimously by Barking & Dagenham’s Planning Committee for 3,502 homes, a 5-acre urban park, land for a Secondary School and a Heritage Trail that will signpost visitors to the areas history, including the 1968 Sewing Machinists Strike.

Peabody’s Project Director Peter Cross said about Concilio’s work:

At Peabody we are passionate about involving the communities we work in with the new homes we’re looking to deliver. At Dagenham Green, Concilio have been invaluable in helping us to reach out to the community and stakeholders during the Outline Planning process. They have been very proactive and embraced our desire to engage as widely as possible – leading door knocking, in-person events, individual stakeholder meetings and online websites and surveys. The information, including the websites, surveys and consultation reports they have produced have been high quality, and innovative approaches have ensured we have been more visible to a wider audience.

This resulted in the scheme receiving greater engagement levels and feedback than almost any other development in the local area and drawing praise from the Local Planning Authority for the positive approach.